Ryde Baptist Church


Northcross School

Northcross is a K-6 Christian Primary school which aims to provide quality education within a caring, supportive Christian context. Each class room is well equipped with computers and other resources. Co-Curricular activities include chess, music tuition, debating, dance and drama. Northcross participates in divisional and state school sport events and has a tradition of strong parent involvement. Before and after school care is also available.



‘Alpha’ is a short, practical introduction to the Christian faith. It is designed for those wanting to investigate and find answers to their questions about Christianity as well as for those who want to brush up on the ‘basics’.

People of all ages are welcome and the group meets together weekly for discussion over a ten week period where we all share a meal together.

Legal Services

Horizons Community Legal Centre serves disadvantaged people who would not qualify for legal aid and cannot afford a private lawyer. It provides non-profit legal advice, referrals, representation and community education.

Learn more about Horizons Community Legal Centre

Domestic and Family Violence Referral Team

Ryde Baptist Church seeks to be a welcoming and safe place for all and recognises that sometimes domestic family violence occurs in relationships.
Domestic Family Violence can happen in any intimate relationship across the socio-economic strata regardless of race, ethnicity, culture, wealth, sexuality, physical ability, age, education and religion. And sadly, it does occur in churches.
Ryde Baptist Church seeks to support individuals and families going through any form of Domestic Family Violence including physical, sexual, financial, emotional, social, or psychological.
In order for Ryde Baptist Church to support people in Domestic Family Violence a referral team has been put together by the Pastoral Team to be available for anyone going through Domestic Family Violence or for anyone who is concerned about a friend who may be going through Domestic Family Violence.
Our referral team consists of Jen, Judy and Robyn who have all worked in this area and have been trained to be alert to the signs of Domestic Family Violence and can give support and care to those seeking help. They will also refer those in need to specialist services.
They will be available to talk to on Sundays or you can contact them by phone on ‭02 9809 4977‬ or email dvsupport@rydebaptist.com.au