Morling College Gender Dysphoria Forum


19 October 2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

RBC is hosting a Morling College event, Gender Dysphoria Forum. This event is a chance for us to hear from Rev. Dr. Andrew Sloane, who is the Lecturer in Old Testament and Christian Thought at Morling College.

Gender, gender identity, and gender dysphoria raise important questions that Christians need to carefully consider and respond to with wisdom and faithfulness. What is the relationship between sex and gender? How do we understand those terms? How do these complex questions relate to what it means to flourish as people in communities? What light do the Christian Scriptures and Christian theology and ethics shed on those questions? How can we as people of faith and as faith communities respond well to those who struggle with these issues—especially when their experience is one of distress?

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